Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alergic to certain brands of orange juice...

For the past 2 or three weeks I've tried to concentrate on developing, but a mild-yet-annoying-as-hell headache always interrupts me just when I try to code, which is around 10 or 11AM.

I just can't concentrate like that. I've tried taking antiacids (it happens to me, sometimes I get headaches when I get gastritis), painkillers, and I even began to fear it might be a tumor.

Today I ran out of the orange juice that mom had purchased. And I didn't get a headache after breakfast today. WTF!?

I feel like an idiot. Fearing cancer when in fact it was just a simple allergy. Stupid orange juice. Let's hope that tomorrow I can recover from these code-less weeks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Restarting engine... vroom vroom... it works! :)

Finally! My first day of coding since a full month. Getting my brain to start after a full month of not seeing the code was like losing my way back in a maze. "Huh? Where did this go? What do I do now?"

So I had to start with the simplest of things: The project panel. It only needed a tree and a context menu. Man, did I have to dig in the user manual to find it.

But it worked! :) I'm fresh and ready to start coding again!

... tomorrow :P

On the other hand, I realized why it took me so long to start programming. It seems I have gastritis (or perhaps a stomach ulcer). If I stayed too much without eating, I began feeling hungry, dizzy and with headaches. So now I'm taking medications (omeprazole) to restore my stomach to pristine conditions. Since the first day of medications, I felt better and with more energy. Who would've thought?

On the bad news, I'm STILL unemployed :( Let's hope I find a good job after Easter! :)