Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Exhaustion of Saya Developer: Book 2

It was two weeks of being sick. I was horribly bored and exhausted at the same time. Some friends of my family invited us to take a vacation, invitation which I accepted joyfully. We went to [place undisclosed for security reasons] and I had a good time. Finally, I returned home yesterday (with a horrible headache, btw).

Now I'm finally resting and preparing myself to continue working on Saya (after a full month of interruptions) and to search for a new job next monday.

Boy, what a month.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Quit my job, got the flu...

Hi guys. I'd like to inform you that due to health reasons I'll be unable to work on Saya for the next few days (a horrible flu). Also I had to quit my job for health concerns (and other reasons I won't be detailing here).

Still, thanks for your support. Sincerely,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Converted Project Pane, first bugs appeared...

The good news: I managed to convert around 90% of the Project Pane (the tree window and popup menus still need conversion), and moved the code away from the main window.

The bad news: The window state saving and loading routines seem buggy... the project pane is not shown when it should, so I had to comment the call that hides it when the main window is invisible.

I do think I spotted the bug - Qt saves the window layout data in binary form, so I had to convert it to base64. However, I haven't tested if the state loading routines work after the change.

(Update (March 9, 2009) : The window state saving/loading routines are now fixed!)

I also spotted some functions that aren't called by the main menu. I need to fix them, too. But now the code seems much cleaner (I removed a lot of wxWidgets UI code that now is generated automatically by QtDesigner.

After seeing how much the code is simplified, I can finally say that I don't regret switching to Qt.