Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mandriva, distro headaches... and Mepis 8.0 beta 2

Sigh. I only finished downloading the Mandriva 2008 ISO so I could burn it tonight and install it. I chose Mandriva because its configuration is the closest to PCLinuxOS.

First bad news: I realized that I didn't download the most recent 2008.1, but the outdated 2008.0! ACK! 4 hours wasted.

Second bad news: Mandriva 2009 is out, and yet, it has lots of bugs. I'm not going to upgrade to a distro which freezes the GUI every now and then. What is this, Windows?. Also, I couldn't find the 2008.1 isos because the mandriva guys made them unavailable from the web. I had to use Google to find it. Now it's nearly 34% complete.

Third bad news: 2008.1 also has some bugs, and it's definitely annoying that the guys don't have the time to release a 2008.2 with all the bugs fixed - and no new features. No, instead they chose to go for KDE 4, an unstable branch of the Linux kernel, and lots of bells and whistles. I don't want to cut my hand with a bleeding-edge distro. I want something that JUST WORKS!

Therefore, I decided I'll use MEPIS.

Why Mepis?

1) It uses KDE! :D And the 3.5 branch! :D :D

2) At first it used the Ubuntu repository, but now it switched to the latest Debian - can't be any more stable than that!

3) It's a debian distro! Lots of packages are distributed as .debs.

4) According to this Linux discussion, Mepis is even more stable than Mandriva. And this other discussion gives me the impression that Mepis has surpassed Ubuntu.

In fact, I would be going with Ubuntu (most popular distro these days), if not for their negligence towards KDE.

Ah, here's a Mepis 8 review at deviceguru. Just what I was looking for. Hey, what do you know? The review's login screenshot says "Rick". Must be a sign ;-)

For the impatient ones: MEPIS 8 beta 2 (32-bit) torrent - courtesy of

I'm tired of waiting, I'll leave my computer on to finish the download.

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